Banking Your Time With a DST

DST Time

Albert Einstein said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

How often to you feel like you’re racing against the clock while multiple responsibilities happen all at once? The hours fly past while you’re hard at work. You put out fires, juggle a full plate of decisions, and in the end, you’re left with little time for the things you’d really like to spend time on—family, friends, and fun. Every smart investor knows that time is an invaluable asset. Even the most surefire investment may not be worth the bang for your buck if it leaves you with no time for yourself.

One of the most powerful wealth-building investments available in the U.S. is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), and it’s also an incredible time-saving tool for investors.

Investing in a commercial real estate property is a solid approach to growing investment funds, but purchasing a property can be an incredibly a time-consuming proposition. It can take an enormous investment of your time to find, purchase, and manage a commercial. Instead, you could be banking your time (and increased earnings) by investing in a DST.




30-90 days to locate a propertyA wide range of investment properties available immediately
30-day due diligenceDue diligence and property purchase previously completed


45-60 day financing contingency72-hour transaction turnaround
15 day closing after contingencies expire

It’s easy to see how a DST can save time in the initial purchase stage, which is crucial in any like-kind exchange where you’re faced with strict IRS exchange deadlines.

When you’ll really be able to see your time bank build up is a property owner. All of the time that would have had to put into your property management, usually more time than you ever planned to spend, is now your own. In a DST, once the investment is made, a national asset manager handles all the property transactions, making your life simpler—and giving you the time to put toward the things you’d really like to be doing. So what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!

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